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During the beautiful, hot summer months, your patio can be your 2nd home. Sunbrite and Seura TV's offer an entire line of outdoor TV's ranging in all sizes.


These TV's feature top of the line picture and durability and are water, weather and climate resistant all year round. You no longer need to take your TV down in inclimate weather!


When professionaly installed by our tech's, your Sunbrite or Seura TV will last for years and years and entertain countless guests!


We are a proud Sunbrite and Seura TV dealer! Contact us for a quote!

Installing rock or outdoor speakers on your patio or recreational areas is an excellent way to cover your landscape with high quality sound. The ambiance provided by quality outdoor speakers can enhance your experience dramatcally!


We carry a HUGE variety of brands, models, colors and styles of outdoor and rock speakers. Please call us today for pricing and model information!!



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