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Maestro M8


AudioControl’s Maestro M8 surround processor is geared towards the movie enthusiast who demands exceptional home theater performance including an amazing audio experience! This incredible preamp processor supports todays high resolution formats, including 4K Ultra HD and delivers a movie experience, rich in top tier audiophile quality. Movie buffs and audio enthusiasts will immerse themselves in their obsession, enthusiasm and zeal for their favorite movies and media content.

The exclusive, contemporary design of the Maestro M8 HD hides behind its unique styling a dynamic audio and visual performance rich in sound quality that will leave users in awe. The Maestro M8 is designed for serious lovers of movies and music who want a true audiophile experience with their investment in the quality of the build and components that deliver their entertainment experience.

Paired together with AudioControl’s legendary Savoy G3 7.1 Theater Amplifier or the Pantages G3 5.1 Theater Amplifier, these combinations are installed across many of the most ‘movie-buff’ homes around the world from leading Directors, Actors and Producers to those that just LOVE their movies whether in their theater or media space…. Test drive the AudioControl Maestro M8 today, you will not regret it!


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